Chic Ethnique
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Online sale of fashion brands, Find different women clothes with colours, prints and quality
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Online shop of coloured, printed, and vintage women clothes. Independant french store

Our vintage, ethical and colored brands, independant french store.

In our online shop Chic Ethnique, independent online shop in Poitiers, you will find a large choice of colourful and original clothing brands, ethnic clothing brands, but also original jewellery and handmade accessories. Of course, you will also find the fancy tights and accessories full of mischief Lili Gambettes (from the same designer as this site).

Small and big vintage brands (King Louie france, 4funkyflavour, Froy and Dind, Princesse Nomade, Cissi Och Selma), small ethnic brands (Kali Yog, Bla-Bla, Lingam, Moshiki, and the big French brand La Fiancée Du Mékong), designer jewellery (Yaya Factory, La Belle Camille, Elmalao, Be Chic bijoux, Inka Sejj and Nodova) or handmade bags (handmade leather bag, small leather bag, Lila Boheme, Les Filles s'Embobinent, Bibop Et Lula, Bhangara), branded bags (Anekke, Naf Naf, Les Tropéziennes), it doesn't matter to us, we present them to you because they are beautiful, original, ethically committed, and have a good value for money!

So discover an online shop, brands and you, which form a beautiful fashion ensemble. Branded dresses, skater or trapeze skirts, women's trousers, women's jackets, women's waistcoats, and many other women's branded choices on our clothing site which is an independent online boutique.

Note also that the independent shop you know, wherever you are in France and even in Belgium, probably tends to take brand ideas from our online shop... Indeed, when Tranquillo, the ethical German brand arrived here, it blossomed on many Facebook pages of independent shops in France. Then, the designer brands like l'Atelier de Noémi, in a few weeks, it was on Instagram that we saw it bloom. In short, we have a head start, an online boutique well before the others, Lili Gambettes tights born in our independent boutique, brands such as Princesse Nomade or Kali Yog, of which we have been ambassadors, and many designer brands that we promote by making them known. In short, the best independent online shop with quality chic brands, women's clothing brands, women's designer bags and bohemian chic brands is Chic Ethnique, isn't it?

Let's add that the shipping is done within 24 hours of your order in 99% of your orders... Who can beat that? Amazon, maybe... But we are French and we pay our taxes normally. Thank you for your continued support since 2004! Enjoy our online eshop and our independent online shop, and if you're on holiday, take the time to come to the concept store in Poitiers to try on our original shop. If you are abroad france we will ship the super dress and the famous original tights to you all over the world !