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Printed and drawn fantasy tights, lili Gambettes original tights
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Discover very original tights, fantasy tights, for original women.

Donnez du chic à vos jambes avec nos collants imprimés

ere is a section that is very successful: fancy tights. For the past few seasons we have been offering a wide range of tights. The range has been enriched with printed tights, jacquard tights or even very thick tights for the most chilly ones. This success would not be as great without tights brands like Lili Gambettes, Dub Et Drino or Berthe aux grands pieds. So for those who can, come to the store in Poitiers and see our beautiful fancy tights, we will show them to you and unpack them so that you can touch the great quality of these high quality tights! Click here for footless tights, you'll find solid solids and fancy ones that look great...

Choose from jacquard tights, fancy tights, printed tights, drawn tights, tights with cats, or birds, but also original floral tights! There are even tights that tell stories, like Alice in Wonderland tights, tights with beautiful drawings...
We offer you the largest selection of Liligambettes tights on the net, they are our favorites... Discover opaque tights, strong women's tights that you will keep for a long time, original tights that show who you are, tights that you can't find everywhere, tights from French designers.
The brand of tights Lili Gambettes works with many illustrators and French artists mainly. Display on your legs, their paintings and drawings, and discover the art of : Bo-bun, Noémie Choupis, Ana Meian, Ana Meian, Aurélie Blanz, Carine Hinder, Mathieu Mizzon, Mélanie Busnel, Nicoletta Ceccoli, or Emilie Menu.
For quality, Lili Gambettes manufactures nylon tights that have proven their strength for a long time. If you are careful (washing and shoes are the points to watch out for, you can keep them longer by putting stocking protectors), you will keep your high end tights for many years, it's the end of disposable or too fragile tights. Thickness is an important point, 50 denier opaque tights guarantee a large quantity of nylons threads and therefore these tights do not spin, you can even repair them with a little sewing thread or nail polish when the hole is very small. Tights without programmed obsolescence, it's more comfortable and more ecological. Add to that the fact that 3/4 sizes (L/XL according to the brand) are sold up to size 46 with no worries, these large size tights will please you... Always beautiful, but they are not sexy tights or wool tights woman, their thickness gives them a warm side very pleasant. Look at the black patterned tights, they are the easiest and most pleasant for women tights!

Dub Et Drino, French brand of tights, manufactures in Italy and France. They sign very original tights, colored tights sometimes vintage but always different... Test French fancy tights and fall under the charm of really different fancy tights. In the range Fil de Jour / Desmazières / Dub Et Drino discover the chic tights and the sexy tights of Sanpellegrino. Italian fishnet tights, the Italian manufacture of Sanpellegrino tights guarantees you a chic side and a great solidity. This novelty allows us to offer you more discreet or more sexy tights with original fishnets!

So how to wear fancy tights with style?
For your first time, first choose a rather sober tights model (no fishnet, not too much transparent effect, fragile laces, or stripes), add a skirt from your wardrobe, not too long, comfortable and usual shoes.
In general, make sure you are really dressed comfortably: simple panties, basic lingerie, no lace, or your favorite bodysuit, shoes you really like, and a sober, plain black dress or skirt. You will see that the fancy tights we propose with high elastane content will be perfect for your usual comfort, even without gussets... Avoid knee-highs that might slip, stockings with suspenders that are glamorous but not practical and outfits that are too short and might make you feel uncomfortable...

The next time dare to sublimate your thighs by taking a little black dress and a fancy tights more fun or leggings with more intense color. To go further in the style, dare to wear black shorts or jeans that will really highlight your legs and depending on your look of the day, heels or Dr Martens for a really assertive style.

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