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Patern and printed tights from french brand clothing Lili Gambettes

Patern and printed tights, Lili Gambettes tights with fun inside and bright colors

Superb fantasy tights, designed and original, Lili Gambettes

Discover patterned tights like no other, women's tights, not girls' tights, even if the small size (heel ML = size 1 and size 2 at the same time) is suitable for 12-year-olds and over (size 1.40m)!

Online sales of Lili Gambettes tights :

2 information about Lili Gambettes tights online sales:

- Your original tights size or model is missing? Make a stock alert with the little bell under "Add to basket"! Restocking and reissues planned to be beautiful in tights!

- Limited quantities! Any doubts about these truly different women's tights? Read our Lili Gambettes customers' reviews on the product pages - they speak more highly of these quality women's tights than we do! They're a dream of tights, durable and comfortable, so try them out for yourself.

Lili Gambettes 2023 2024 Poppy or Vintage?

The new fancy tights collection is arriving very soon, and there will be some big surprises as always! The quality and colors of the tights will always be top-notch, just take a look at the Autumn Winter 2023 2024 collection. The themes will be floral, tropical, with funny letters, phantasmagorical characters, butterflies, dancers and some really great designs for your gams! Take a look in September and be surprised by the intensity and poetry of these long-lasting quality tights.

Original tights with a French label:

Whimsical tights designed with love and humor that draw in your pretty gams to create the shock of an original outfit with discreet clothes! These tights are 50 denier for strength, opacity and elasticity. Our boutique customers love them, and their opinion is unanimously positive. Have you ever tried them?

How about chic black and red tights? Or tattoo tights (which can be removed whenever you like)? Original tights that will make you look and feel just like you: original and different! All Lili Gambettes tights are based on one idea: freedom of style, with dreams and difference as the goal.

This year, 2022, the Liligambettes collection is going to sweep everything under the carpet: as always, lots of flowers (water lilies and lotuses for the superb Amélia tights, petals for the Blossoms tights, sometimes graphic like the Chysantèmes tights series or the Exotics with a variety of colors, charming little flowers like on the Liberty motif tights), fairytale or funny stories (Alice aux Pays des Merveilles drawn by Noémi Hurter from l'Atelier de Noémi, and fairytale tights too, you'll see), butterflies, a lot of stylized birds, but also funny fish, and large landscapes like in the Forêts fantasy tights series, also signed by Noémi Hurter, the Alsatian illustrator with beautiful accessories.

Fancy tights that are strong and comfortable:

Solidity and comfort are the order of the day! Boutique customers are delighted, with a very long lifespan that steers them away from fast fashion, and thin disposable tights. Filled without seams or gussets, the pattern is applied by sublimation to the entirety of the fancy tights, ensuring that no limits are visible on the design, which is therefore visible at 360° without delimitation! Comfort also comes from the reinforced elasticity (16% spandex / elastane) that allows size 1/2 (the manufacturer's M/L) to go from a size 10 (tested in real life, look at our Instagram...) up to a size 40 adult and size 3 and 4 (the manufacturer's L/XL) to go up to a size 46! And all with the comfort that our customers have been raving about for years. At last, original plus-size tights for every woman.

Cheap lili gambettes tights:

The exceptional durability of this original lingerie brand and the guaranteed fast shipping of our online store turn the price of these solid tights into a bargain... In fact, multiply the number of spun tights you've had in 2 or 3 years... by their admittedly lower price, and you'll see that a single pair of high-quality tights is more than worth the price. Personally and professionally, we see Lili Gambettes tights that are several years old. A minimum lifespan is 3 or 4 years if you take good care of them and nothing untoward happens to them. But many of our customers report models lasting over 6 or 7 years... Nothing exceptional about these premium tights, which still have a long, colorful life ahead of them!

French designer tights:

For the designs, the French brand calls on the creativity of artists like Bo-bun, Noémie Choupis, Ana Meian, Anne Wenger, Aurélie Blanz, Carine Hinder, Mathieu Mizzon, Mélanie Busnel, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Emilie Menu, and newcomer Noémi Hurter, from l'Atelier de Noémi. Thanks to their talent, these designers/illustrators have made it possible to move away from black tights, voile tights and fishnet tights (sometimes classified as vulgar), which have their practical qualities, but are often too loose and fragile.

In fact, you'll find the motifs and designs of these artists on Lili Gambettes silk scarves, fancy leggings (120 denier) and women's fine socks and socks, a range of original gift ideas that we offer in the Chic Ethnique boutique (also online). Chic Ethnique has been the home of Lili Gambettes French fancy tights since 2013.

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