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Realy original bags : Anekke bags designed in Barcelona are gorgeous. Bags with drawings

Discover a wonderful brand of original, poetic bags, designed with tenderness and love. Anekke's graphic universe is made of little girls, extraordinary journeys, a bit of western or tropical forests! This winter, Anekke's handbags show you the Universe, with black bags with silver glitter, women's bags with a little girl cosmonaut walking in space, on a light brown background... Discover also very soft women's scarves, pretty notebooks, pockets for your Ipad or a superb document holder / laptop bag which will protect your computer until work with brio!

In short, take advantage of these great gift ideas to please your mothers, sisters, or friends!

These bags will lead you with originality and pastel colours into their dreamlike universe. Each Anekke accessory collection is a story, the story defines the graphics, the world they live in, the colours used, the materials and the shapes of the bags. An Anekke story includes the girl in a poetic graphic space. Discover Anekke and let it take you on a journey...

Find also original small leather goods with soft colours like glasses cases, purses, handbags and really beautiful women's clutches. Match the women's wallets, purses and card holders with the same graphic softness and the same enchantment. In short, Anekke women's bags have hit the spot with us and you will see the effect they have on you and your friends!

Anekke, poetic bags, designed with love and care:

Discover a beautiful brand of unique bags, poetic bags, designed with love and care. The graphic universe of Anekke is made up of little girls, extraordinary journeys, a touch of the Wild West or tropical forests! Discover also very soft women's scarves, pretty notebooks, iPad cases or a superb briefcase / laptop bag that will protect your computer to work with style! Find colorful graphic universes at L'Atelier de Noémie (French manufacturing) and also in the super LiliGambettes fantasy tights...

Anekke bags, full of gift ideas:

In short, take advantage of these great gift ideas to spoil your mothers, sisters, or friends!

An Anekke handbag is necessarily an unique bag...These bags will take you with originality and pastel colors into their dreamlike universe. Each accessory collection is a story, the story defines the graphics, their universe, the colors used, the materials and shapes of the bags, for a truly different Anekke leather goods. An Anekke story includes the little girl set in a poetic graphic space. Discover Anekke stories to take you on a journey... So Kenya, Ixchel, Safari, Egypt? Choose your dream destination. For the Nature collection, Anekke leather goods offers bags made from recycled materials (mainly polyester) at a height of 30% recycled materials in the original bags.

Also find original small leather goods in soft colors such as glasses cases, totes, handbags and really beautiful women's wallets. Match women's wallets, purses and cardholders with the same graphic softness and the same magic. And whether you are from Spain, the Netherlands or neighboring Belgium, take advantage of our free shipping from 35€ in Mondial Relay, perfect for Anekke Belgium! In short, Anekke women's bags have made a hit with us and you will see the effect they have on you and your friends!

Where are Anekke bags made?

The creation of Anekke bags is made in Spain with the graphics, material studies (as possible Upcycled and totally "cruelty-free"), or shape studies. The office and headquarters is located in Petrer, near Alicante. The brand was created as early as 2015 in a leather goods company. It belongs to three brothers who represent the third generation of a family that traditionally made bags. They decided to create a brand that would transmit the adventurous and bold spirit of a long-haired girl who loves cats through its products: Anekke.

Since day one, the values of the brand have been the empowerment of women, promoted by the maxim that if you pursue your dreams and work hard to achieve them, anything is possible. No one can stop you!

With a lot of love and dedication, two new collections of bags and accessories are created each season. They are distinguished by the attention paid to detail and are inspired by a journey or an iconic woman. Anekke has traveled to Venice, India, Japan, Arizona, Egypt, the Amazon, Canada... and has paid tribute to women who have changed the world, who have all contributed to making it possible for us to be who we want, in full equality.

Anneke is associated with just causes that care for women, supporting for example the NGO Save The Children.

Aneke bags are then produced in Asia, allowing for maintaining an acceptable price for their great originality and huge lifespan. Having an Aneke bag truly means having a durable bag...

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Anekke Contemporary in Japan: Anekke Kyomu, Nagare and Origami, Autumn Winter 2023-2024 Collection:

Anekke Autumn Winter 2023-2024 collection takes us to Japan! Here, we will discover and appreciate art. A part of the modern-oriented art shows us beautiful colors with original aesthetics! Everything is supposed to show us the Japanese lights, architecture, culture, and the unique iconography of this ancient yet modern country. The colors are rather dark and contrasting. Some patterns also evoke the distinctive origamis, reminiscent in form of the art of paper folding... The Shoen part of the Anekke collection follows Japanese painting and calligraphy with glitters, gilding, and warmer, softer colors than the Kyomu or Nagare part...

Anekke Menire and Anekke Amazonia, it's the Spring Summer 2023 collection!

For this new Anekke collection, the two themes overlap, Menire and Amazonia draw inspiration from Anekke's journey into the Amazon rainforest, considered the lungs of the planet. It covers kilometers of wild and natural forest through its design and colors. Welcome to the Amazon! The Anekke Menire part speaks of the rights of the Amazonian indigenous peoples and women's collectives defending the primary forest. Ethnic patterns related to the Amazon River and its roots are also present. The Pachamama Nature collection incorporates ethnic graphic codes and darker colors, especially navy blue or ochre brown... This collection uses recycled materials for the bags and accessories by 80%, derived from plastic caps. The collection carries the Control Union Certifications B.V. label, ensuring it is a recycled and environmentally friendly product.

Anekke Canada, The Forest, Voice and Human Race, it's the Fall Winter 2022 collection!

It's finally available for all Anekke Official fans! So discover our large selection of truly original and quality bags and accessories, wallets and women's purses made with love by the Spanish brand... with a novelty that will touch you deeply, RFID protection! The character gathers crowds in this Anekke story to free the indigenous peoples of Canada. So, there's a part of the collection focused on gathering. Anekke Voice is a tribute to activist Viola Desmond. This Afro-Canadian woman was recognized for being an example in the struggle for civil rights in Canada. In this Fall Winter 2022-2023 collection, Anekke reminds us that we are all equal!

The Anekke Forest part talks about the vast spaces, snow, and the beautiful Canadian wild forests. Anekke sometimes encounters a moose; the design is rather pale, with colors reminiscent of the Canadian winter. Another part of the Anekke The Forest collection is the brown or green ethnic part with many juxtaposed logos that give the original touch with the help of very nice textures...

Anekke, Spring Summer 2022 collection:

This time, Anekke takes us to the Mediterranean, so get ready with your swimsuits and shorts! It's going to be very hot... Moreover, the different themes are Mediterranean and Fun & Music. For the Anekke Mediterranean theme, it is divided into different color schemes.

There is Slow Life with pastel colors, light brown as the background color, and mainly coral and sky blue.

Mediterranean Coral is much more intense and dark for the background, the palette is more vibrant. The base is black, and the color mix is between pinkish brown, intense coral, and intense sky blue, in short, a superb theme that can be worn all year round!

Sunrise is the most coherent theme for the Mediterranean base: these are graphics of Greek or Cretan mosaics on a white background with light blue and deep blue motifs, the joints are in very soft old pink. You can feel the sun and the wind in this theme...

Fun & Music balances its energy like a catchy 80s song we all know by heart: "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"! Energy and Fancy are the two themes from the Anekke story drawn from Fun and Music. Bright red mixed with gray, with soft beige backgrounds, creates really intense contrasts in one, and pale gray juxtaposes a nice medley of colors in the other story...

Our Fashion Selection of Anekke Bags for Spring Summer:

For us, there's no holding back on colors, everything is very beautiful and of high quality as always! Fans are familiar with it and will appreciate. As always, we have selected women's backpacks, bowling bags, bucket bags, original vintage clip bags, shoulder bags, charming round bags, and many more small colorful bags that will accompany you more easily during your summer evenings and romantic getaways for the summer...

For small leather goods, the choice is enormous, from small pouches to large original wallets for women, charming small coin purses, women's wallets that will follow you every day, as well as makeup pouches (which also double as smartphone cases, 2-compartment version) and sturdy and beautiful glasses cases... In short, if you wish, your summer 2024 accessories are already all set because there's a wide range of options, and it's going to be difficult to make a decision on your gift ideas. Moreover, excellent gift ideas for your friends, sisters, and mothers can be found here.


Memories from the Fall Winter 2021 Anekke Accessories Collection:

The themes that will be presented are Iceland, a theme based on ice colors, with shades of blue and gray. The Anekke bags and pouches in this collection feature discreet gray and light brown synthetic leather. The little Anekke girl holds an adorable cat in her arms... And we can make out a whale in the background. The included quotes are "Learn from the land of equality" and "Friend of the nature," which can be translated as "Let's learn from the land of equalities" and "Friend of nature." Quite a story!

The Rune Iceland collection is a solid brown and features numerous studs and shiny inserts and seams that form runic patterns. As always, this Rune Iceland collection is more subdued without Anekke's distinctive design... This Rune Iceland collection is lighter than usual, so the bags are close to a taupe brown color.

The Anekke City collection revisits the original Spanish brand's color codes! Anekke strolls around the city, discreetly dressed in black. She carries her vintage camera in a city tagged and colored in brown, pale yellow, and pink. The Anekke City bags are much more contrasted even if the base colors are soft. You'll find black bags with burgundy bag backs, or bags with red burgundy background drawings, and black and white bags with Anekke drawn on them.

This winter, Anekke handbags show you the Universe, with black bags with silver glitter, or women's bags with a little girl astronaut strolling in space (for example, a black Anekke backpack)...

Anekke, Online Sale of Women's Bags and Original Accessories:


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