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Mittens and gloves for women, original gifts, Online sale

Women's mittens and fancy coloured gloves

In this page, discover the models of gloves and mittens made in France by Fil de Jour, organic cotton mittens by Lili Gambettes, vintage gloves and chic gloves by King Louie. For your warm hands, there are also Lili Gambettes gloves with the beautiful designs of the French brand's fancy tights. With original colours, find gloves with digital prints from La Fiancée Du Mékong and Dub et Drino (gloves made of ecological bamboo viscose). As original mittens, add the Dub Et Drino women's mittens, full of colour and originality. Many original gift ideas for women signed Chic Ethnique.

These women's gloves will accompany you on your bike or in town for your fashion or work trips with colour and originality!

Catch the heat with your hands and keep it with chic! 

Mitaines Trend: Practical and Stylish Accessories

Original mittens have become an increasingly popular fashion accessory, notably due to the rise of smartphones and urban cycling. In this selection, explore a variety of glove and mitten models, including some made in France by renowned brands such as Fil de Jour and FST Handwear. Also discover women's bio-cotton mittens from Lili Gambettes, as well as vintage and chic gloves from King Louie.

At Chic Ethnique, we offer a selection of original, unconventional, and sometimes asymmetrical women's mittens, as well as multicolored or vintage options to suit all tastes. Unique and elegant accessories that combine style and comfort, manufactured in Italy or France for years. Buying women's mittens means keeping your hands warm with a proven fashion accessory...

Fancy Gloves or Funny Gloves:

For those looking for more original options, find gloves with bright colors and digital prints from brands such as La Fiancée Du Mékong and Desmazières Dub et Drino, the latter made from ecological bamboo viscose. Add a touch of color and originality with women's mittens from Dub Et Drino, known for their lively and imaginative designs.

The printed women's glove will provide more complete comfort. Gloves offer greater versatility in their use. They can be worn in a variety of situations, from outdoor activities to more formal occasions, and can be adapted to different levels of activity intensity.

Additional Protection:

Gloves provide additional protection against cold and elements by wrapping each finger individually. Some gloves are also designed with special materials to offer protection against water, wind, and other challenging weather conditions.


For some people, gloves can be considered more aesthetic or elegant, especially in formal or professional contexts.
However, it should be noted that the choice between a glove and a mitten is often subjective and depends on individual preferences as well as the specific needs of the user. In some cases, mittens can provide enough warmth (cashmere wool materials) and comfort while allowing some finger dexterity, making them suitable for many situations. In any case, you should buy them to protect yourself...


In summary: FST Handwear offers French manufacturing for unique fashion accessories, while La Fiancée (made in China) and Lili Gambettes (made in China) offer quality printed gloves. King Louis stands out for its chic and vintage gloves (made in China), while Dub Et Drino offers a range of vibrant colors, whether for gloves or mittens, manufactured in France, Italy, or Turkey.

These accessories will accompany you both cycling and in the city, adding a touch of color and originality to your daily travels. Stay warm with style!

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